About Us

Zempilo Solutions was launched in 2016 and was setup to support practitioners in the South African healthcare space. The key areas for support have been around business development, practice management and technology support.

The purpose of this support is to facilitate the development of practitioners to meet the complex and changing market in South Africa.

We have a keen interest in preparing practitioners for the upcoming changes to the healthcare infrastructure with the rollout and adoption of the National Health Insurance system.


To be a world class provider of healthcare solutions for all


  • Community upliftment
  • Spearheading progress in healthcare transformation
  • Creating a positive impact for the next generation
  • Facilitating dignity for all

Our Customers

Occupational Therapy at Home

Occupational Therapy @ Home

A home visiting occupational therapy service in the suburbs of Cape Town

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Toefy Physiotherapy

Toefy Physiotherapy

An in-hospital physiotherapy practice based at Melomed Tokai Private Hospital in Cape Town.

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Hector, Naidoo and Associates - Registered Physiotherapists

Hector, Naidoo and Associates

A physiotherapy practice with a national footprint with bases in major cities.

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